Getting Zombie Fit – Mind Fit First

So as I stated in my previous post I want to get “Zombie Fit” and I feel for me the first step to this really is to get my head in check because I know that zombies + me = irrational & obsessive thoughts. Having previously found Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) very useful I decided it was time to have a refresher on some the activities that help with rationally processing thoughts and handling anxiety. A quick online search lead me to a NHS CBT workbook.

Rather than printing out all 52 pages I read through most of on my phone and used my notebook to workthrough some of the activities. Normally I don’t bother writing things down and just work through them mentally but it was incredibly cathartic to take the time to sit, write and really get to the bottom of what it going on in my head. Perhaps not surprisingly it isn’t actually zombies I am afraid of. The issues are more deeply rooted in things that don’t need discussing here.

So how am i going to deal with them for now and progress? Well the workbook encourages setting a goal, and not just any one it needs to be a “SMART” goal, taking into account what you hope to gain, achieve and be different for yourself.

smart goals
SMART Goals as included in the NHS CBT Workbook

I want to gain a sense of control over the anxiety I feel by achieving an improved level of fitness. The difference this will make to myself is improved confidence in my ability to cope with situations that could prove physically challenging. Now to make that SMART

Specific – I want to establish a fitness routine

Measurable – I will do this by using Wii Fit, which has an activity log function. I iwll also use apps to track other fitness realted achievements such as healthy eating and steps taken.

Achievable – This is achieavablebecause I already own Wii Fit and a smart phone. It doesn’t require any initial expense and can be done at home.

Relevant – It’s all related to fitness

Time Limited – I will do this every day for a week.

There, that seems reasonable. It’s only a small step but that you have to start somewhere. I am not sure how often I will update with my progress, I am taking this a day/step at a time at the moment but it feels good to be doing something. I can already feel my tension headache easing.


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