Time To Get Zombie Fit

Thanks to several FB friends and a weird dream I have started watching The Walking Dead. I know, I know the show has already been going for six years, I am super late to the party. So why have I put it off for so long? Well honestly, I am petrified of zombies. Well not zombies exactly, more I’m terrified of how well I’d cope in a apocalyptic scenario. I am unfit. So very unfit. And I have two young kids. I have zero survival skills and would probably die from an anxiety induced heart attack before anything else. 


Because of this my husband is perplexed as to why I am watching the show *cough*DarylDixon*cough* I am only up to the start of season 2 but so far it is really, really good. Whilst the zombies, I mean walkers, are gross and gnarly the characters are great and the story gripping. I am prone to obsessive tendencies though and the last time I watched anything to do with zombies I was looking up survival kits, tents, emergency supplies, drawing up survival plans, having anxiety attacks, it was unhealthy and unpleasant and why I completely distanced myself from anything to do with it. 

Just before starting the show I had a similar but smaller melt down over it and found myself obsessively researching fitness and exercise that’d be most effective for dealing with an apocalypse (which by the way seems to be High Intensity Interval Training) I dealt with it though (thanks CBT) and thought it had subsided as I was enjoying the show but this morning the unpleasant simmer of terror in the pit of my stomach is gurgling away and actually giving me quite a headache too. 

However I am really enjoying the show and I don’t want to be ruled by this feeling so there is only one thing for it, I need to get zombie fit. It’s the fitness side that bothers me most and it’s actually a thing I can do something about. I can’t afford a gym (£48pm are you kidding me?) and I hate running so it’s going to be interesting how I achieve this but I feel achieving this is the only way to conquer the fear and feel in control. Being fit is a good thing in life generally and as I found online during my research not enough people are functionally fit. 

from Jerred Moon’s “Are you fit enough to survive a zombie apocalypse” article at endofthreefitness.com

So wish me luck and stay tuned as I update my progress and keep myself in check here. 


4 thoughts on “Time To Get Zombie Fit

  1. “Zombie Fit” I must say, I love the term and I giggle every time I say it! While I will admit to having a love/hate relationship with The Walking Dead (If Daryl ever leaves the show, I won’t be watching it anymore, it’s that simple), I don’t know if I would survive an outbreak if it were to really happen. Although, sometimes how they deal with situations in the show makes me angry and yell out that they should have done this and this instead (because they can hear me… right?)

    I refuse to pay an arm and a leg for gym memberships so I used to buy yoga/Pilates/Jillian Michaels workout DVDs to do in the comfort of my own home so I wouldn’t feel self-conscious about people looking at me do my workout. The only thing with those is finding the motivation and time to actually DO them but that’s a whole other story.

    Keep enjoying TWD and I completely understand the love for Daryl- your husband doesn’t have to know 😉

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    1. Oh if anything happens to Daryl I will know where my cut off point for the show is. I stopped watching One Tree Hill after Lucas left in s6 so I know it’s not an idle threat.

      Motivation is the tricky part. I like sitting down being online too much. I keep looking at fitness DVDs but can never decide which to get.

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