Zombie Fit – Week 1 Review 

In my last post about getting “Zombie Fit” I set a goal of starting a fitness routine by doing Wii Fit every day for a week. Well it’s been a week and I am pleased to report than I have indeed been on Wii Fit every day for a week.

And not just to do the body test, I have been making full use of all the exercise options on there.

Turns out I weigh a fair bit less than I thought, to the point I could actually do with gaining a bit of weight. I also have awful coordination and am terribly unfit. I thought I was doing alright until I got to the jogging and muscle workouts, they were just embarassing.

It has not deterred me though. If anything I am more determined than ever, spurred on especially by my continued watching of The Walking Dead. I am eight episodes into season 2 and I just keep seeing situation after situation that presents the most compelling reasons to be fit.

Rick running for his life to save Carl’s

My target was also to use a variety of apps to help with other fitness related information. This was more to stop me running out and spending a fortune on a FitBit. I did it and well I can take or leave them really. They’re not super accurate but a good, free starting point. I think I would still like a FirBit, for greater accuracy. Might put one on my birthday list.

Overall it’s been a good week. The crippling obsessive and anxious thoughts have disapated, I have enjoyed being more active, it’s setting a good example to my kids who like to copy what I’m doing and I am determined that of all the things that might kill me in an apocalypse my lack of functional fitness is not going to be one of them. With this in minds feel it’s time for new goals.

A week of having fun getting active has given me the opportunity to think about what it is I really want to achieve. As I do not need to lose weight it’s all about building strength and stamina for me. I want to be able to jog without feeling winded, I want to be able to do press ups, planks and touch my toes with ease. Therefore, for now, I am going to carry on with Wii Fit until the muscle workout and jogging gets easier at which point I will start looking into other things, like the Zombie running apps and maybe even the gym.

Of course getting fit isn’t just about exercising as much as you can. I have been and will continue to research effective workout routines, eating habits and positive lifestyle changes I can make to assist in the process. Not sure what sort of time frame to put on it at the moment but I will definitely keep blogging about it. For now though I have some more Walking Dead to watch.


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