Meet Me In Berlin – Friday Night Film with Norman Reedus

Meet Me In Berlin is a short film of 17minutes, featuring Norman Reedus released in 2007/2008 depending on whether you believe Wikipedia or IMDB. It is a glimpse into the life of guy from New York who had planned to meet a girl in Berlin, only he never made it because he was in car accident en route. As the only person he knows in the country he reaches out to her on the phone and learns that she is housebound because of a knee operation. The film follows them easing each others lonliness, connecting tenderly through phonecalls.

This is a really touching, emotive short with perhaps a large weight of that coming from knowing Reedus really was in a car accident in Berlin. He was launched through the windscreen of a car when it was hit by an 18 wheeler lorry, resulting in injuries that required scerws in his nose and a titanium eyesocket. In interviews he has described himself as looking like a hamburger, that it was so bad he wouldn’t even let his mother visit and he honestly doubted whether he’d ever work as an actor again. He filmed this during his recovery and the state of his face is not a result of special effects make up.

It’s a truly wonderful short conveying a lot with very little. The dialogue is sparse but that is what creates such an impact, what’s not said paints a picture with more depth than any conversation could. It’s easy enough to take it at face value or read more into it depending on your own experiences. As someone who has often found themselves isolated and relying on their phone as a lifeline, the character’s really resonated with me. This is definitely worth a watch and leaves little to be disappointed about.


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