Finally a FitBit!

So back in March & April I made a few posts about how watching The Walking Dead made me very conscious about how horrendously unfit I am and how that will hinder (kill) me in a future apocalypse. Initially I really wanted a Fitbit, convinced it would entirely solve all my problems but I managed to talk myself out of it, telling myself to first try several free apps that provided similar services. Anyways as with all things I take to very intensely the exercising burnt out fairly quickly yet I have still felt myself umming and ahhing over getting a FitBit. Especially after I found this buzzfeed article about how someone tried using a FitBit to help them study and hopefully improve their anxiety.

Well long story short, as you’ve probably worked out, I finally bought a FitBit. I received some money for my birthday which I decided to use towards getting one. I knew I wanted one that measured your heart rate, mostly for anxiety monitoring purposes, but didn’t need an overly fancy one more aimed at more serious exercisers who want things like GPS as well. Therefore I settled on the FitBit Charge HR.


Whilst it is quite bulky I am actually quite impressed with how well it fits, usually I avoid all watches, bracelets and wrist wear because mine are so tiny nothing ever fits properly but this is satisfactorily snug. I have only had it since Sunday but by mid afternoon Monday I had stopped being aware of it on my wrist.

Having only had it a couple of days I’m still getting to grips with it all but so far there’s a lot to like and I can see why these things are so popular. It is brilliantly customisable and very informative. Living in a 3 storey house I knew I was up and down the stairs a lot but I was amazed just how quickly I racked up the acheivement of 10 floors on the FitBit (it has something inside it which can tell when you are going up in elevation and a floor = 10feetĀ  in one go). I also really appreciated the email medals of achievement and the little buzz party you get on your wrist when you have completed your 10,000 steps for the day.

Not being stranger to MyFitnessPal the food diary part of it is nothing new or exiting but I do prefer FitBit’s seperate water drinking record. The sleep monitor is another feature I’m really keen on as I often don’t sleep well and getting up with children in the night I am honestly intrigued as to how much sleep I actually get. It told me that Sunday night whilst I was asleep from 23.18 – 06.47 I only managed 7hours and 5 minutes sleep as I was up 3 times and restless 13 detracting 24minutes from my overall sleep. Seeing the graph and where the sleep interruptions were was cool. Infact all the graphs and details are rather cool even if I’m still not sure what all of them are, they look impressive enough.

Overall I am very impressed but at the same time aware it’s a new and fancy gadget, the real test is how I’m doing with it in a week, a month and whether it’s still a thing in a year. I can also see how easily you could become overly obsessed and invested in micromanaging your life through this. For the moment I don’t have any friends added so will not be partaking in any of the challenges or comparing acheivements; in fact I might avoid ever doing that as I am definitely the sort of person who would end up feeling inadequate and over doing it to try and keep up with them despite knowing some of them regularly work out and train for events. It seems there is a delicate balance between using the FitBit to help you and letting it run you. Hopefully I find the right one and I look forward to writing more about it.



Birthday Times!

Just before the weekend it was my birthday! I love my birthday, it’s almost as good as Christmas, almost. I have no qualms about getting older, instead choosing to appreciate the fact that I have lived another year and it’s the one day a year I force myself to bask in me. As someone who is quite reserved with a sensitive self esteem and a pandora’s box full of painful birthday memories it is no easy feat to accept that yes on this one day a year I am the best damn thing on the planet and deserve every last moment of egotistiacal self indulgent glory. I am getting there and I honestly think that this year was the best yet.

The day started with a lie in, which if you have any experience with children, you’ll know is quite possibly one of the best luxuries in the world. Not that I slept in long, I was too excited and not at all disappointed when I came downstairs to all this.


Now traditionally on birthdays we have birthday pancakes but given I am the one who cooks them, this was not going to be the case today. Nope, as it was my birthday I was treated to my ideal breakfast of fruit smoothie, Twinnings tea and an almond croissant.



Almond is quite possibly my favourite thing in the world, marzipan, amaretto, roast almonds, frangipane basically if it’s almond flavoured I love it! After breakfast came the epic task of actually opening all the presents and I was thoroughly spoilt. As you’ll know this year I became a big fan of The Walking Dead and a certain red neck, crossbow wielding bad ass so it probably isnt surprising to see he made up a large part of gifts received.

But it wasn’t exclusively Daryl/TWD gifts I received, I was also lucky enough to receiveĀ  some wonderful other things as well.

After presents I settled myself down on the sofa to enjoy a morning of daytime TV on the BBC, something I havent been able to do for nearly two years! There are many who complain about the quality of such programmes but I really enjoy them, maybe because I dont get to watch them often. There was Countryside 999, Homes Under The Hammer, Fake Britain, Neighbourhood Blues and Bargain Hunt, it really is the simple things in life that are the best.

Now the plan was to go out for a picnic but the weather had been looking questionable for a few days and I ended up not wanting to tempt fate so we stayed home for lunch however it looked alright for the afternoon so we decided to head out for the afternoon. Our destination was a village in the Cotswolds called Blockley, this is where a lot of the show “Father Brown” is filmed and has been on my ‘to visit’ list since I started watching earlier this year. I’m so glad we did as there were some glorious views on the way, considering our close proximity to the Cotswolds we really don’t explore enough of it and the village itself was lovely. I really enjoyed recognising the places used in the show and our time in the village. We visited the local cafe and played on the green before heading home for tea which was pizza.


After the kids were in bed it was time to watch the film I had as a present in the morning, “Hello Herman” starring Norman Reedus which was one of the best films of his I have seen. Even my husband admitted it was good and he is rather anti Reedus. I will get round to writing about the film in a Friday review so won’t say too much here. By the end of the film it was quite late and after a truly wonderful day it was finally time for bed. There was not a single fault with the day, everything was more than I could have asked for and I am very grateful to have so many people that care enough for me to make it such a special occassion.